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  • Natalie Gagnon

FEAR: Jump in the damn deep end already!

Stop letting fear control your life. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of inadequacy, the list is never ending! For some it’s lesser of an issue then for others. Fear is more of a challenge – bring it on! Yeah I might fail, but let’s find out… hell, I might also succeed. For others it is a huge road block that seems cannot be moved. It stops them from moving forward, or worse, attempting to move forward. They bring past experiences and scenarios of the worst case situations to life. They actually create a fantasy of what could happen, and that alone is enough to scare them to run in the opposite direction. It’s nothing to poke fun at, but it’s also nothing to ignore. Ignoring it won’t make it better, in fact, it usually only makes it worse. Saying, “I’ll change, I’ll get over it, I’ll try better next time” are the words of someone who isn’t fully committed to bettering themselves. It is a white lie that they have told themselves before, and here they are telling it again. They know they are only hurting themselves (and sometimes others) and they are creating a bigger black hole… and black holes are hard of climb out of (especially alone).

So face your fears because you might be wrong! Crazy, I know! But you just might be wrong for once in your life! If you face the fear and you succeed, you come out stronger… you won, so move onto the next one. If you attempt and are unsuccessful, you try again (can’t go over it, then try under it)!

This relates to everything in life from careers, relationships, sports, competing, gaining weight, losing weight, getting healthy, you name it, it applies! So jump in the damn deep end already! You’ll find a way to swim!

Natalie Gagnon

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