Hi, I'm Natalie.
I am a certified personal trainer and Figure Athlete. I work full time as an online coach and personal trainer to give my clients the motivation and support they require. 
My online coaching services are uniquely designed for each individuals needs. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, I am here to create the perfect plan for you! Instead of counting calories I focus on the  quality of the nutrients I supply your body with. My plans are designed with wholesome foods that will keep you satiated, give you more energy and that will help balance and support your hormones, blood sugar, digestive system and more. 

            How I got started?


My passion for health and fitness started years ago when I was struggling with an eating disorder and the mind set I was worthless due to an abusive relationship. I had several failed attempts to get healthy, however they all resulted in me going back to my old unhealthy ways. When I left the relationship, I vowed to never allow myself to be taken advantage of again; I would be strong, happy and healthy and I would love myself. The day of my 24th birthday I walked into the gym for the very first time in my life and got a gym membership and a personal trainer. I wanted to get healthy and to feel good. I didn't want to look ill and weak - I wanted my life back! Day by day I got stronger, not just physically stronger, but mentally stronger. I changed my mindset, I changed my LIFE! 

            Industry Achievements


Gracing the stage at CPA, CBBF, and IFBB Bodybuilding shows across Canada and the USA.

Completing my CPTN Certification (Certified Personal Trainers Network). Which taught me valuable information on:

- Health Screening
- Anatomy & Biomechanics
- Exercise Physiology
- Nutrition
- Disability & Personal Training
- Resistance Training

Changing the lives of clients through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

            Future goals


My future goals start with YOU! I want to be part of your journey.
Whether your goals are short term or long term and whether they are aggressive goals of losing 100 lbs., non-aggressive goals of shedding those last 5 lbs., or gaining a little/ a lot of muscle. Let's work on it. 
Lastly, if you're a competitor like myself, and are in need of a great off-season or to prep for a show, let's get to work now!