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  • Natalie Gagnon

Prioritizing YOU

We all have someone in our life who is completely selfless. They give endlessly & expect nothing in return. They don't eat until everyone is fed and they don't sleep until they know everyone is at peace. Unfortunately it takes something fierce to make them slow down and realize they’re forgetting about the most important person; them-self. I have two people like this in my life (I still wonder what I did to be this fortunate). Recently one of them endured the pain of passing a kidney stone… I never have, but I’ve heard from many its excruciating. Even through this she didn't want to miss a beat; running the office, picking up the grandkids from their programs, cooking, cleaning, you name it. I had to stop her and get a little angry. I made her promise to prioritize herself once in a while; take a day, or just an hour to love yourself. Make a healthy meal, go for walk, have a tea and read - anything! Here's a little list of things you or that special someone in your life might find helpful: Things to relax & prioritize you!

  • read a book

  • go on a walk

  • call a friend

  • snuggle with a pet

  • tea with a friend

  • listen to music

  • journal

  • epsom salt bath

  • steam room session

  • sauna

  • take a nap

  • watch a movie

  • meditate

  • light some candles

  • make a new recipe

  • book a massage

  • go for a workout

  • find an old photo album

  • be in nature What not to do is force yourself to do something because it is perceived to be relaxing. If someone says Yoga is relaxing for them but you find it stressful due to the financial aspect of getting a membership, fitting it into your already busy schedule, plus the fact that you actually just don’t enjoy it… then find something that’s inexpensive that you can do from the comfort of your home, in nature or even in your office.

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