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  • Natalie Gagnon

Prebiotics v.s. Probiotics

Prebiotics don't get much attention & not many really know what they do. Prebiotics are a special form of non-digestible carbohydrates that feed the probitoics (good bacteria). When prebiotics & probiotics are combined, they work together to create a healthy & happy environment inside your gut while promoting proper digestion. As you may know, your gut affects every part of your body, from your digestion to your immune system, your skin, your brain, hormones & your adrenals. When your gut health is compromised, you are at a much higher risk for a whole host of health issues.

Here are some foods that contain prebiotics: Artichokes Garlic Onions Asparagus Leeks Berries Bananas Flax Seeds Beans Lentils

And here are some foods that contain probiotics: Kefir Yogurt Sauerkraut Kimchi Kombucha Miso

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