Jason Wong

"I tore my ACL playing ultimate frisbee and re-tore it during training with the Canadian Armed Forces. I reached out to Nat after I had ACL surgery on my knee to regain strength in my leg. I started seeing results within a few sessions. She was able to help me regain full strength and size in a matter of months. I gained approximately 10 pounds of muscle, mainly in my legs. Nat is extremely motivating and she is able to provide knowledgeable advice. Her workouts, programs, and diet plans are custom, detailed, and never boring. Leg days are her specialty. She has a lot to offer whether you’re new to weightlifting or an athlete. Thanks to Nat, I continue to train and serve in the CAF."

Julie-Anne Reid

"I initially approached NatG because of her blogs on her website and the list of success stories of

past clients.

Nat has personally helped me through providing a personalized detailed meal plan and exercise

plan specific to my goals. She is very professional and obviously understands how to be

successful with your goals. I look forward to all my training sessions with her!"

Shayna Willis

"Working with Natalie was a great experience. Losing weight alone is hard but learning to adapt and live a healthier lifestyle is hard as well. Natalie always provided in depth answers to all my questions when asked. She provided me with so much knowledge on how the body works and what nutrients and foods can do. This made adapting a fit lifestyle easier because I knew why I was doing the things she asked. Her weekly emails were always sent in a orderly manner which made following them easier. It was easy to see what meals needed to be eaten and when. Natalie always had a solution for substitutions on meals I didn't like. I really enjoyed her honesty if I was slacking but she always stayed positive and motivational and she never gave up on me even when I give up on myself. The best part of all is her program actually worked my priority was weight loss and I started with Natalie at 150lbs and ended at 137lbs. During this time I seen so many changes in my body from leaning out to muscle definition. I gained a greater confidence in the gym as I was able to increase reps and weights. She also sent along detailed emails of workout programs describing each positioning in depth so when I was at the gym alone I was still confident in my form. I admit I used to be one of those people that thought an hour of cardio a day was the answer. Natalie taught me a better healthier way to achieve my goals."

Judy Montana

"I started working with Natalie after leaving a coach that had me underaged, discouraged and over cardioid. Little did I know that Natalie would just help me, but she would change my life forever. 

Natalie has a fantastic understanding and knowledge of nutrition and programming that when applied not only work but produce phenomenon results. With the complex health history I had I was convinced no one could ever help me and that I was bound to failure from the start. I couldn't have been more wrong.

With Natalie, I have been able to gain lean mass and transform the way my body looks and functions. I no longer have horrible mode swings, and able to sleep better, and went through an entire prep placing first and never feeling like a zombie.


She is always there to respond to questions you may have in incredible time, and isn't afraid of presenting you with the honest truth when you need it. Everything she does shows that she genuinely cares for each part of your journey whether it be through diet, workouts, or just plain old life advice. 

Natalie is the best decision I ever made for a coach, I have been with her for over a year now, and I can see my time with her only growing."

Tal M

"Natalie is a great coach,  When I first started with her i was 141 lbs, now I am 126lbs.  What I a like about her is that she speaks it as it is, no excuses, which was able to keep me accountable and focused.  I look forward to her constantly changing exercises that she gives me each week, this allows to me to constantly challenge myself each week.  I appreciate that the fact that she is easily approachable and allows responds to me a timely manner.  As my dietitian, Natalie gives me new diets each week and is sensitive to condition with IBS.  She pays careful attention with my weekly check ins and makes changes where needed so that I don't plateau. 

Overall I really enjoy her guidance in exercise and diet.  She is extremely knowledgeable, and her hard work and determination that she applies for herself inspires me to be determined as well."

Mike Moser

"My wife and I first met Natalie summer 2017 off a referral from a friend. To date, it stands among the best advice we've taken. That summer we had Nat do both Nutrition and training routines. We also did many privates with her. After three months, we already saw dramatic changes. We continued on our own, with the knowledge we had gained, and were able to maintain our progress. Summer 2018, we again acquired her to continue with doing our workouts and nutrition each week, as well as doing private training when able. Again after two months, we both made dramatic changes to our bodies. We have lost weight, without having to sacrifice losing muscle. Nat requests weekly photos to see how results are coming along, and follows them closely. Speaking for myself now, I thought I was eating 'clean'. Natalie removed items from my daily intake which had been bloating me, and making me fatigued. I've also learned to eating often, and avoid that starving feeling I used to have. During privates, she watches closely, and quickly corrects any mistakes in lifting or posture. Natalie is genuinely nice, and always has a smile. Her knowledge of nutrition, and supplements is impressive. If ever I had a question, she will always respond quickly in an email. The workouts are very challenging, as she continually mixes them up. We couldn't be happier with our results, and having met Natalie. Your body is arguably the biggest investment you will ever have."

Janet Hill

"My experience working with Natalie in the previous years was challenging but educational. It was challenging for me as an individual to trust someone with my over all well being, that being physical and mental. I had minimal knowledge on nutrition and the impacts it has on your body and mental health. I was not confident with my progress and I suffered body image issues. Natalie supported me with a consistent nutrition schedule and workout regime. She provided me with feedback consistently and supported me through my first Canadian body building show in August 2017, where I placed 2nd in my class. I gained self confidence and a wide understanding of how important meal size and timing impacts the body. I would recommend Natalie for a life style coach! She will be supportive, encouraging, dedicated and reliable throughout your entire time with her."

Kathy Moser

"I had the pleasure to meet Natalie in October of 2017.   Upon our first meeting,  I knew immediately I wanted to have her as a personal trainer.   She was extremely knowledgeable, answered my questions in detail and put me at ease.


Although having been a dedicated gym goer for over 20 years,  there's so many changes in nutrition and working out that have been made, that I wanted a refresher as well as new and improved changes and was so happy I did it through Natalie. 

From week 1 until the end of my program / training she constantly varied the workouts and routines as well as the meal plans.   I was impressed with the detail that went into the workouts as the weeks progressed and the knowledge she has when it comes to putting the programs and meals together.  

When training with Natalie,  she makes it fun, but makes you sweat and work hard for that extra rep!  She watches carefully and will correct mistakes in posture, positioning and explain why.  There are not many trainers that I've known over the years that are totally focused on their clients as she is.

I have trained in boxing, kickboxing, weight training, condition / functional cross training and had reached a plateau where I wasn't satisfied with my results and conditioning.   Natalie brought forth a new excitement for the gym for me after seeing the increase in strength and muscle after following her program.  

Many people, especially women, put stock as to the numbers on the scale when weighing themselves.   When your body changes as you look into the mirror as the weeks go by, and the compliments that are received and how the clothes are now fitting,  that's what makes the difference on how we see the changes.  Not the scale and since the first week,  up until the 8th week although the numbers didn't vary much,  the muscle gains and the tightening I've made was immense. I can actually say that I've never looked or felt better than I do now at this point in my training.  This is a huge Thank You to Natalie for helping me achieve the results I've wanted!"

Kanchan Karunaker

“I have worked with some prominent people in the industry. Though not a competitor myself, I have always embodied the lifestyle of one. Nat G takes things to a different level. She continuously keeps abreast of the latest in diet and training techniques in order to always stay current. She goes the extra mile for her clients specific needs and goals. Her commitment to making sure her clients are satisfied is unparalleled. I achieved great results in a short period of time and felt the least stressed out during the process than I have ever felt before. She prioritizes her clients needs first all while showing relentless drive and determination to pursue her own goals. She is a coach, an inspiration and a friend all in one."

Christine Kay 

I had been training with various trainers over the years and seeing minimal results - I was over training, doing the incorrect cardio for my goals and certainly under eating.


Someone recommend Natalie to me and I have never looked back.


Natalie has educated me on my relationship with food and has been amazing with teaching me correct posture and form which i was lacking.  My training has improved tremendously and my diet has been revamped completely to suit my body and training needs, I have never eaten so much in my life.  I constantly had lower back issues before meeting Natalie but now attend the chiropractor for preventative and not for injuries.  I stick to the cardio in my plan which is a lot less than I have ever done but I am seeing constant change in my physique weekly.  I have a structured training and eating plan with Natalie and have never been happier with the results - my weight decreased by 18 lbs in the first 3 months and i am building muscle like crazy.  All my workouts are challenging and they vary constantly keeping my interest.


I have to say that i have never met such a talented, knowledgeable trainer - her work ethic is insane and she cares for each and everyone of her client's health and well being - she is stuck with me !!

Teresa McSherry

Natalie is an amazing trainer! When I first contacted Natalie for some information on the programs she offers, I was looking for a good online program to follow that would get me out of my plateau. I wanted to train harder and better and wanted a plan that would get me to loose some fat and gain some lean muscle. Natalie responded quickly to my email and provided me with great information, and we started right away! 
I love the way Natalie works as a trainer, she is incredibly knowledgeable and always answers questions promptly, she always provides reasons and explanations as to why certain changes were made to diet or training plans which I never had with previous trainers. 
She has this way about her that is motivating , and makes you want to push yourself past your limits! 
Working with Natalie I was able to loose 21lbs and I could see my body changing! 
I can’t wait to continue working with Natalie in the future as I’m confident she will help me reach all my fitness goals!!! 

Chandni Khatri 

"I was at my lowest when I had reached out to Natalie for online coaching. My main goals were to lose weight and gain muscle, get on a healthy diet, and understand exercises in the gym. I will admit that I was very on and off with the coaching but overall Natalie changed my life in health and fitness. During my time with Natalie she helped me acknowledge the worth of my body and that I am capable of pushing myself in the gym – I was open to learning new exercises and with her amazing guidance I was able to accomplish every workout. She made cardio really fun and it did not feel dreadful – each week was different with meals and exercises and that’s what I loved about the weekly plans. With my unhealthy eating habits, I was able to learn portions and learn how to stay full throughout the day without consuming an excess amount of fatty foods. Natalie was quick and knowledgeable in providing substitutions which made it really easy for me to follow the meal plan; however, there were good days and bad days but she made sure the week was conquered. Till this day, I stay active and I use all the knowledge that Natalie provided me to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I feel confident walking into a gym understanding form and patience while gaining self-awareness. Thank you Natalie – you were truly an amazing coach and I believe that anyone who will have the pleasure of working with you are in great hands! 

Sara Munn

I started with Natalie after she was recommended by a friend. I was impressed with how fast she responded to my email. After discussing my goals, lifestyle, and my daily routine, she customized a meal plan that was suitable for me.  One thing I loved about Natalie was that she was able to create a plan that fit with my hectic work schedule. With always being on the go, I sometimes would not have time to eat a proper meal so I really enjoyed having a shake option that was quick, easy and kept me on track. For me, weight loss has always been a challenge, I struggle with consistency and I lose motivation when trying to do it on my own. With Natalie I found it was different because anytime I felt like giving up or felt like I wasn’t seeing changes she was always right there to support me and help keep me motivated. With in 3 months, I had lost 13 pounds.  


I really enjoyed the gym workout routine she would incorporate in her plans. It taught me new techniques and help me improve on my workouts. When I decided to take my workouts to the next level and start power lifting, I was happy with my decision to work one on one with Natalie. Making appointments was always fast and easy. She would take her time and make sure I knew the proper techniques and form before going heavy. Natalie was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. 


I definitely rate Natalie 10/10 and recommend her to anyone who is looking for easy, nutritious meal plans and a great trainer.  


Thank you Nat for all of your help, see you soon!


Sara M

Dimple Gandhi

I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was in the hole with my eating. I wasn’t concerned about my weight but was tired of dieting and Starving myself. 


Natalie has been inspirational from start to finish. Everything she has taught has been a lifestyle choice and never dieting. That is what I appreciate most about her knowledge. I was never hungry and she is always open to questions or concerns. She always has alternatives if you’re uncomfortable with something. The meals are simple to follow. The vitamins supported

My energy levels which is big for me. For me it was never about the weight it was always about my eating habits. Natalie was professional, knowledgeable and approachable always. 

If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about your health and well-being then Natalie is it!!!

Dimple Gandhi

Kristy Lee Blocha

After three years of not competing and making the decision to compete I knew that I needed the best and Natalie it’s just that, not only is she affordable and knowledgable but she cares about her clients. I was an online client although with how often Natalie checked in or helped spot me at the gym you would think I paid for one on one training. She was there every step of the way, even when I wanted to give up... It’s a beautiful thing when somebody sees your potential before you do that’s exactly what I needed to place top 5 a huge bikini class. 

The strength, the knowledge, and the confidence that I have now will stay with me for life. Thank you Natalie. 

Nadia Thansingh

I began working with Natalie because I was focused on losing weight - I allowed a busy work schedule to get in my way, fell into poor eating habits, and let my running shoes collect dust in the closet. 


During my initial consultation, we covered (1) who I am and (2) what on earth I was doing to my poor body every day. Natalie was quickly able to explain my cravings, areas of strength in my diet to lean on, and areas that I could improve the choices I was making. *If you want to see results, you're going to have to meet Natalie in the middle. I took her meal prep and exercise recommendations seriously and started putting them to work on day 1* 


Things I've noticed since following Natalie's meal plan:


1) I don't have cravings 

2) I eat smaller meals, and I'm happy with them

3) My body is ready to sleep and awaken at the same time every day

4) An unexpected bonus - my hair and skin are healthier


There are several huge differences I've noticed after being coached by Nat in the gym:


1) I have progressed to lifting much heavier weight that I've ever lifted before, and much earlier in my weight loss journey than expected. Natalie worked on a lot of posture and technique with me, I'm able to get my reps completed faster and I'm sore in the specific areas that I've trained at the end of a workout. 

2) I am much more in tune with the muscle groups I am working  - I see much faster, targeted results in the gym. Natalie walked me through prepping tough muscles to work out and being conscious of my range of motion to maximize the work I was putting in.

3) While I leave the gym absolutely battered, I follow her meal plan for me carefully and I've noticed that my recovery time has shortened significantly. Getting back to the gym throughout the week isn't a problem as my muscles feel tired but not torn to shreds and overworked. 

4) I'm starting to retain muscle, the fat is melting away as promised, and my body is looking and feeling amazing. 


Cannot thank you enough for the invaluable knowledge and training you've given me Natalie!

Ashley Menezes

I have always been into health and fitness, but I was struggling understanding my own body and what worked for me. I was experiencing rock hard bloating, digestive and hormonal issues. I felt so down and frustrated, my sleeping was off and no matter what I did, I just could not figure out what to do. I decided to seek a second eye; Natalie’s guidance. Through my journey with Natalie she really helped me understand what worked best with my body and provided exceptional knowledge that I will always take with me moving forward into the future. Not only am I happy with the changes my body has made physically, but more so internally and mentally. My stomach has never felt so comfortable and normal, and I almost rarely have bloating anymore. My sleeping patterns are regular and my period symptoms have lessened a lot with the process (this wasn’t even a concern I had), but while going through these healthy changes, it improved so much more then what I originally hoped for, which makes me so grateful. Thank you so much Natalie, you are wonderful!