• Natalie Gagnon


Yes, you read that correctly. There’s now research to support that CBD has a direct effect on our metabolism. In a 2016 study researchers monitored CBD & its effects on immature fat cells. They surprisingly found that it had three ways of effecting “fat browning“. What is white fat & brown fat?

Ordinary fat cells (white adipocytes) stuff themselves with fat molecules to STORE up energy & their overloading leads to obesity & diabetes. Brown adipocytes, do virtually the opposite; they BURN energy rapidly to generate heat & protect the body from cold as well as obesity & diabetes.

This is kinda cool because it means CBD plays a role in the breakdown of fat & how it can boost the number & activity of mitochondria (increasing the body’s power to burn calories) as well as reducing the production of proteins involved in creating new fat cells within the body. This isn't to say go out and buy CBD oil but instead just another fascinating way plants help humans!

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