Being healthy and fit means more than a number on the scale. It's a lifestyle that involves being mindful of the relationships you create with your inner self, food, and exercise. I am a strong believer in the intertwined nature of the mental, physical and emotional aspects that create a healthy individual. Working together; we can achieve this.


This is NOT a cookie cutter program. You won’t be entering food into a calorie counter, you won’t be given numbers of macros to hit and find foods to fill them with, and you won’t be starving throughout the day! You’ll be getting one-on-one coaching and guidance from me. Programs and meal plans are changed weekly and/or as needed.  

Together we remove obstacles, balance your blood sugar, and get your liver, thyroid and hormones all healthy and happy. We change your relationship with food. We fuel your body with real food! 

Oh, and the best part… you’re never flying solo! We’re in this together and you’re staying accountable with weekly check-ins where we admire your successes and improve on any pitfalls.  

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Nothing compares to face-to-face interaction. I am dedicated to be your number one cheerleader inside and out of the gym. I am there to motivate, educate, and teach you the proper execution and periodization of the exercises needed to get you to your goals! When sessions are booked, we will train at World Gym Mississauga OR Pure Muscle & Fitness.  

Training Location: World Gym, Mississauga OR Pure Muscle & Fitness, Burlington 



My coaching style addresses your unique physical, mental, and emotional health all while tackling your goals of losing fat, toning up, or adding lean muscle. 

Your gut health, meal timing, relationship with food, allergies & sensitivities, food cravings, mood swings, adrenal fatigue and more are ALL taken into consideration. This is what separates life long changes from quick fixes. Those quick fixes land you back to square one which we DON’T want!  

Weight loss and muscle gain can be achieved through a periodized program involving diet and exercise. When armed with the proper plan, I will help you not only look your best, but you feel your best too.



As a competitor myself, I know how important a strong off-season is. I am dedicated to provide you with a successful off-season in which you add size in all the right places.
Competition prep involves the right time frame along with the right plan for you to dial in and peak for your big day. Everything from suits, shoes, hair, tan and everything in-between will be discussed.


KHP Designs has helped clients all over Canada, the United States and Europe from beginner to veteran IFBB Pro athletes such as Canada’s IFBB Bikini Pro Justine Munro.  KHP Designs caters to all athletes in all federations and creates each suit to not only meet the competitors physical needs, but also the regulatory specifications of each individual federation and category. 

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