Here you'll get two handbooks!

1. Nutrition Handbook

Learn the how and why behind your nutrition plan and what factors I take into consideration. What is the importance of vegetables in the diet? What and why should I take certain vitamins and supplements? What about cheat meals? What factors go into creating a diet to increase your metabolism? How to guage your progress? And MORE! 

2. Hormone & Health Handbook

Just a little breakdown on the foods for liver & thyroid health and how a sluggish liver & thyroid hinder fat loss. It’s important to know that it’s NOT just calories in vs calories out! We need to get to the bottom of why your liver and/or thyroid is making losing weight challenging and fix it!

Secondly, successful weight loss is determined on the balance and health of your hormones; ghrelin, insulin, cortisol, adiponectin to name a few. Read about this and more! 

Rewire your body for sustainable weight loss e-book

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