It's finally here!
Nat G's guide to building lean muscle and strength. 

This 8 part E-Book covers everything from: 


Part 1: Pre-Workout Nutrition & Supplementation 


Part 2: Intra-Workout Nutrition & Supplementation

Part 3: Post-Workout Nutrition & Supplementation

Part 4: Terminology Explained

Part 5: Rest Days, Rest Times, Frequency

Part 6: Intensity Explained

Part 7: Abdominal Work

Part 8: The Programs 


You'll notice I have also created six separate workout programs. Using the knowledge you've aquired from this 26 page e-book plus the programs below; you'll be off to building muscle and burning fat in no time. 


Programs Available In Store:  

1. Glutes & Hamstrings
2. Back
3. Arms
4. Delts
5. Chest
6. Legs 


Each program is only $5.99

Training & Nutrition E-Book

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